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Why Travelers Should Head To Exotic Phuket, Thailand This Year

Visit Phuket Island in Thailand and its beaches
Phuket Island, Thailand [Image by Erik Karits from Pixabay]
Phuket City is the capital of Phuket Province on the lovely island of the same name in Thailand. Here, idyllic beaches await, as well as a mix of cultures, with Chinese shrines, 19th-century Sino-Portuguese buildings and more. Meanwhile, the exotic city offers temples, museums and more attractions, making for a jam-packed and lively vacation. Read on to find out more about Phuket City and its many attractions for travelers.

Reasons to visit Phuket City in Thailand

Phuket Cityscape
Phuket City [Image by OZSL from Pixabay]
Phuket City is the capital of Phuket Province in Thailand, nestling on the island of the same name.  A visit to this multicultural city offers travelers many fascinating museums to explore, as well as historic mansions and Chinese shrines. Meanwhile, the major temples in the city are Chalong and Thalang. Moreover, Thalang Road hosts colorful Sino-Portuguese buildings and shophouses dating back to the 19th century.

Colorful buildings in Thalang Road
Colorful buildings in Thalang Road [Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay]
Among the mansions, Baan Chinpracha was built in 1903 by a wealthy tin merchant and is a beautiful visit. On entering this spectacular home, visitors can gaze at the antique furniture, Italian floor tiles and beautifully shuttered windows.

Big Buddha, Phuket City
Big Buddha [Image by Thomas Tangelder from Pixabay]
When it comes to museums, the Thai Hua Museum is a spectacular visit, set in a 1930s manor house. Exploring its exhibits, visitors can learn more about Phuket’s unique history and culture. Moreover, heading out to the hills behind Kata gives travelers the chance to visit the famous Big Buddha.

Head to the beaches of Phuket

Beaches [Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay]
Thailand’s largest island, Phuket offers a range of idyllic white-gold sand beaches on its western and southern coasts. Meanwhile, each is different, from the quiet and mellow Rawai in the jungles of south Phuket, or the upmarket Ao Bang Thao and Surin beaches, backed by luxury resorts and beach clubs.

Besides soaking up the sun on the island’s beaches, visitors will have access to several water sports, including diving. Among the best dive locations is Ko Phi-Phi, along with the gorgeous, National Park-protected Similan Islands off the coast of the island. Meanwhile, a scuba diving experience is available to everyone, including experienced divers and first-time divers as the island hosts a number of dive schools.

Ko Phi-Phi Beach
Ko Phi-Phi [Image by Anne-Ed C. from Pixabay]
Phuket Island is also ideal for snorkeling adventures with its gorgeous underwater landscapes. On top of this, kayaking expeditions take visitors into Ao Phang-Nga’s semi-submerged island lagoons, backed by stark limestone karsts. Alternatively, take a boat tour in one of the quaint boats pictured above.

Visit the island’s National Parks

Khao Dang Viewpoint
Khao Dang Viewpoint [Image by Sirawich Rungsimanop from Pixabay]
In total, Phuket features nine National Parks, hosting a huge range of exotic flora and fauna, along with pretty waterfalls and natural caves to explore. Many of the island’s national parks are located on the coastline, giving the opportunity of relaxing on the beach after visiting the wildlife.

When it comes to wildlife, Khao Phra Rhaeo National Park is home to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. The center was first opened in 1992 and gives a home to abandoned pet gibbons while preparing them to return to the wild.

Meanwhile, along the way, the island has a number of viewpoints where visitors can experience panoramic views across the island. One of the best is on Khao Rang Hill, where in the heat of summer, visitors can relax in the shade of large old-growth trees while gazing at the view.

Phuket and its unique Thai cuisine

Phuket street food
Try the street food [Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay]
While the island serves Thai cuisine, here the recipes have their own distinct flavors and character. In fact, it is a blend of Malay and Chinese influences along with spicy, salty southern Thai cooking. Here, Thai-style roti or dim sum comes dipped in curry for breakfast. Meanwhile, other dishes include pak miang, which is scrambled spinach, and nee pad Hokkien – stir-fried Hokkien noodles in a broth.

Dine on moo hong, which consists of pork braised with garlic and pepper, or mee gang poo, a delicious menu item consisting of crab meat curry with noodles. Moreover, Phuket also features delicious fusion menus, as well as international cuisine. A must-do culinary adventure is to visit the markets of Phuket City, where delicious street food is available.

Head to Phuket Island in Thailand this year to experience everything the island has to offer.


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