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Riviera River Cruises To Offer Newly Themed European Cruises For 2025

Riviera River Cruises announces a series of newly-themed river cruise itineraries for Europe in 2025
Riviera River Cruises [Image by Dacia 1410 Sport on Wikimedia Commons]
Riviera River Cruises announces eight, newly-themed, eight-day European river cruise itineraries for 2025. These new itineraries are perfect for guests with a love of art, history, music, food, wine and nature. Moreover, they offer experiences tailored to each guest’s interests, while partaking of a relaxing cruise on the beautiful waterways of Europe. Among the locations for the newly-themed river cruises are the Danube, the Rhine, Rhône and Douro Rivers. Read on to find out more about the new itineraries for 2025.

Riviera River Cruises offers newly-themed river cruise itineraries for 2025

Marilyn Conroy, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing North America for Riviera River cruises made a statement about the new offerings, saying:

In 2025, let your passion guide you on your next European river cruise. Enjoy live performances in the birthplace of classical music, meet vignerons who carefully cultivate their grapes, retrace the life of famed artists or uncover the history of renowned sites along the way.

Our insightful speakers and local guides will share their knowledge with you. And as always, you’ll enjoy luxurious accommodations, delicious meals, and a free drinks package aboard our ships.

About the new 2025 departures

Rhine River
Rhine River [Image by Tom from Pixabay]
Meanwhile, Riviera River Cruises has announced that the 2025 departures are already on sale. Moreover, many are price-matched to 2024 departures through February 2024. As for the pricing, the newly themed itineraries start at $2,499 to $3,199 per person based on double occupancy and include the following choice offerings:

  • Gastronomy of Switzerland and the Rhine
  • Music, Arts & Crafts of Switzerland and the Rhine
  • Music of the Blue Danube
  • Art and History on the Danube
  • History and Art of the Rhône
  • Gardens and Natural Beauty of the Rhône
  • Gastronomy of the Douro – from Portugal to Spain
  • History of the Douro – from Portugal to Spain
Danube River
Danube River [Image by Jo Stolp from Pixabay]
As for the price matching, details are as follows:

Currently, departures of 2025 cruises are price-matched to a 2024 class of ship and departure date. 2025 prices will be based on the 2024 departure prices as of November 15, 2023. Meanwhile, if no equivalent departure date is available, the lowest available price could vary.

Moreover, prices will be matched through February 29, 2024. However, it should be noted that solo guest cruises, along with new itineraries and ships not on sale for 2024 are excluded.

About Riviera River Cruises

Cruise on the Douro River from Portugal to Spain
Riviera River Cruises on the Douro River [Image by Bruno Madeira from Pixabay]
Under the banner of Riviera Travel, Riviera River Cruises offers a range of cruises on European rivers and waterways. The cruises include exclusive departures for solo guests with no single supplement or holiday season itineraries.

Riviera is among the youngest cruise ship fleets in Europe, offering spacious cabins and suites. Meanwhile, guests enjoy fine culinary offerings, including splendid breakfasts and excellent four-course dinners crafted on regional and international specialties. Moreover, guests enjoy expert-led excursions to iconic sights along the way, including hidden gems.

Riviera is known for offering exceptional value with no hidden surcharges or fees. Visit the cruise line’s website for more information and to make a booking for a river cruise through Europe.


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