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Best Things To Do On A City Break In Malaga, Spain

Malaga city and port, Andalucia, southern Spain
Malaga city and port [Image by Enrique from Pixabay]
When flying into Spain for a vacation on the Costa del Sol, travelers fly into the Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport. On landing, many grab a taxi or bus to head to their destination along the coast. However, Malaga is so much more than just an airport, and is a city filled with art, history, culture, museums excellent restaurants, beaches and more. In fact, the capital of the Costa del Sol is worthy of a vacation in itself. On your next visit to southern Spain, take time out to explore this fascinating city. Read on to learn about the must-see attractions in Malaga.

Malaga on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain

One important aspect to note is that Malaga is spread over two distinct neighborhoods. On the one side are modern department stores and new apartment blocks. However, on the other is the historic quarter of the city. The Old Town features fascinating historic architecture and Moorish and Roman ruins. Read on to find out more.

Art in the city

Fundacion Picasso
Birthplace of Pablo Picasso [Image Dr Bob Hall/Flickr]
Pablo Picasso’s birthplace lies on a square in the Old Town with fascinating information and the work of the artist. A little further away is the Picasso Museum filled with the artist’s work and other exhibits of great art. Meanwhile, around half a dozen new art galleries nestle in a new art district, Soho.

Calle de Larios, Malaga
Calle de Larios, Malaga, Spain [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Running through the city, the pedestrian-only Calle Marqués de Larios, or Calle de Larios for short, is lined with stores selling fashion brands, all the way to the Plaza de la Constitucion. The square is lined with café terraces for a relaxing snack and coffee after shopping.

Dining in Malaga

Restaurants in Plaza de la Merced, Malaga
Restaurants in Plaza de la Merced, Malaga [Image Jorge Franganillo/Flickr]
Besides the cafés in the square, Malaga hosts many excellent restaurants and tapas bars in all areas of the city. Not only do the restaurants serve local cuisine there is also a choice of all types of international cuisine. At the beach, the chiringuitos (beach bars and restaurants) serve the freshest catch of the day fish and seafood. However, don’t just take our word for it, as TripAdvisor has a worthy list of eateries in the Costa del Sol city.

The city’s historic past

Alcazaba and Roman Amphitheater, Malaga
Alcazaba and Roman amphnitheater, Malaga [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Malaga is rightfully proud of its fascinating historic past, as can be seen in the renovated Roman amphitheater in the Old Town. Even more interesting is the Moorish fortress standing above the amphitheater on a hill. Dubbed the Alcazaba, visitors can explore the fortress all the way to Gibralfaro Castle on the top of the hill. From there, panoramic views across the city and the Mediterranean Sea are just waiting to be seen.

Theater in the city

Teatro Cervantes - Antonio Banderas, Malaga, Spain
Teatro Cervantes, Malaga [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Besides dining at the many restaurants and enjoying drinks in the many bars, Malaga also offers entertainment in its theaters. One such theater is the Teatro Cervantes, where Hollywood actor, Antonio Banderas first practiced his craft. Like Pablo Picasso, Banderas is also a son of Malaga and lives there most of the time.

Besides the Teatro Cervantes, Malaga boasts more theaters, including the Teatro del Soho, the Teatro Echegaray, Creamas Teatro and La Cochera Cabaret. For those with a love of theater, Malaga is a must-visit location.

Museums of Malaga

Museo Automovilistico y De La Moda
Museo Automovilistico y De La Moda [Image @museoautomovilisticoydelamoda/Instagram]
The city has many museums dedicated to local history but also has unusual museums, including the Museo Automovilistico y De La Moda (Museum of Automobiles and Fashion). In this wonderful space, visitors can see beautifully renovated classic cars and fashion from many different eras.

Another worthy museum is the Museo del Vidrio y Cristal del Malaga, which is dedicated to glass and crystal in many colors. Meanwhile, for those who love music, the Museo Interactivo de la Musica Malaga is an interactive music museum where visitors can explore and play various musical instruments.

Readers can find out more about this exciting city on the Costa del Sol from this tourism website. Make sure to make time for a city break in Malaga on your next vacation in southern Spain.


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