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Parauta And Its Enchanted Forest In The Serrania de Ronda in Spain

Parauta, a white village in the Serrania of Ronda in Andalucia, Spain
Parauta and its Enchanted Forest in southern Spain [Image GPS Málaga on YouTube]
The white village of Parauta in the Serrania de Ronda in Malaga Province, Spain was declared one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. However, besides its beautiful white houses in its narrow winding streets, Parauta features an enchanted place, just waiting to be explored. Read on to learn more about this incredible art in nature and enjoy a virtual tour of the town and the Enchanted Forest of Parauta.

A visit to the white village of Parauta

Entering the village
Entering the village [Image GPS Málaga on YouTube]
In 2024, one of the quaint white villages (villas blancas) of southern Spain, was added to the list of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain. Parauta is beautiful indeed, with its white-washed homes in narrow, cobbled streets, it is a pleasure to explore. However, the charming village also features a truly wonderful place outside of its streets.

Parauta in the Serrania de Ronda, Andalucia, Spain
Parauta and its Enchanted Forest in Spain [Image GPS Málaga on YouTube]
Parauta spreads along the edge of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with significant ecological value. The town is home to the ancient Holm Oak of Valdecilla, one of the world’s oldest trees. The town also hosts the Church of the Purisima Concepcion, dating back to the 16th century. However, Parauta is rightfully famous for an attraction located just outside the village’s streets.

El Bosque Encantado (The Enchanted Forest)

The Enchanted Forest / El Bosque Encantado
The Enchanted Forest [Image GPS Málaga on YouTube]
Just outside the village of Parauta lies a truly magical forest, just waiting to be explored. The Enchanted Forest was created by a local artist, Diego Guerrero and features a trail stretching for just over half a mile, full of fascinating art. Here, visitors can spot sculptures of wizards, fairies and elves looking back at them as they explore.

The Enchanted Forest / El Bosque Encantado
The Enchanted Forest of Parauta [Image GPS Málaga on YouTube]
What makes the forest even more magical is that every July, Parauta holds the Enchanted Forest Festival, where the forest is lit by more than 3,000 candles. Visiting at that time is a wonderful experience for adults and children alike.

Other cultural attractions in Parauta

The Enchanted Forest / El Bosque Encantado
El Bosque Encantado [Image GPS Málaga on YouTube]
Besides the beautiful Enchanted Forest, visitors can explore other historic and cultural sites in Parauta. One is the Fuente de la Alqueria, a fountain that is connected to a medieval farmhouse. Moreover, another fountain, the Fuente del Pozuelo, is still used to water the local orchards.

Meanwhile, the lower part of the village features the white-washed homes in the winding cobbled streets, leading to the 16th century El Altillo archway. While exploring the streets, visitors can spot commemorative tiles, telling the story of life in the village and depicting the town’s ancient oil mill.

Exploring the Serrania de Ronda

Puente Nuevo - New Bridge over the El Tajo Gorge in Ronda, Spain
Puente Nuevo – New Bridge over the El Tajo Gorge in Ronda, Spain [Image by Volker Schoen from Pixabay]
Besides exploring the charming village, visitors can also visit the historic hilltop town of Ronda, located up in the Serrania de Ronda. Here, the “New Bridge” joins two halves of the town over a dramatic gorge. The town itself has many attractions, including museums and Roman and Moorish architecture to explore.

For those seeking nature, head to the nearby Alcornocales Natural Park and the Buitreras del Guadiaro, where a hiking route is an ideal place to bird-watch. Moreover, on a hot summer day, there is a perfect swimming spot at the river mouth to cool off. Meanwhile, a nearby viewpoint overlooks a vulture nesting site.

When exploring the Serrania de Ronda in the Malaga Province Of Andalucía, make sure to head out into nature, but don’t forget to visit Parauta and its beautiful Enchanted Forest.

Readers can enjoy a tour of Parauta and its Enchanted Forest in the video included here.




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