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Town In Spain Takes Unique Approach To Speed Control

Town in Spain installs unique radar speed control signs
Town in Spain installs unique radar speed control signs [Image @Ayto_algaba/X]
Anyone who lives in or regularly visits Spain is aware of the fact that authorities take speed control seriously. What with hidden radar cameras and cop cars hiding in the bushes, it is all too easy to get caught going over the limit. However, it seems not every town in Spain takes speed control so seriously. One town, La Algaba in the Sevilla Province has introduced new speed awareness radar signs with a twist.

La Algaba, Spain new speed control measures

Instead of lurking on the verge with a fine pad in hand, authorities in La Algaba in Sevilla Province might have the answer. In an aim to encourage safe driving, the town is taking a unique approach to speed management. Moreover, they have introduced new traffic radar speed detectors, but with a difference.

The mayor of La Algaba announced on December 12 the installation of unique speed radar signs. According to Telecinco, the new signs are located on Andres Molina Morales Avenue, Concepcion Rodriguez de Torres Clavijo Street and at the entrance of Rodriguez Borbolla Bridge. However, it notes that the new devices are more than just speed monitors.

In a post on X/Twitter, the mayor wrote, La Algaba gives an innovative twist to road surveillance: Radars with emoticons replace fines!

“Discover how this strategy seeks to raise awareness among drivers and passengers about the importance of respecting speed limits on our urban roads,” the mayor added.

How does it work?

Basically, the three new traffic radar units display drivers’ current speed along with an emoticon. Drivers adhering to the speed limit get a smiling emoji, while those exceeding it get a sad face emoji. La Algaba hopes this new innovative measure will prompt immediate reflection on driving behavior.

As the radar units are set up in town, as a vehicle goes over the 30 kph (19 mph) speed limit, the screen immediately reveals a sad face emoji. However, if drivers comply, a smiling face emoji greets them.

Promoting awareness and road etiquette

The new initiative of the La Algaba City Council goes beyond speed regulation. Reportedly, it is an inclusive strategy, designed not only to inform drivers but also their younger passengers.

The La Algaba City Council’s initiative extends beyond mere speed regulation. It’s an inclusive strategy designed to engage not only drivers but also younger passengers. By observing the happy and sad emojis, children will become aware of how important it is to adhere to traffic rules. Through this new measure, the town hopes to instill a culture of safe and responsible driving in the community.

Speaking on the subject of road safety and its importance to the community, the mayor said:

Maintaining road safety is a responsibility shared by all. This educational approach seeks to instill a deeper understanding and respect for traffic regulations among all residents, regardless of age.

No doubt visitors to the town will be amused by the radar speed control units and their emojis, but of course, a smile is always more welcoming than a frown. Read more Spanish travel articles here.


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