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Why You Should Plan A Vacation In Exciting Cincinnati Now

Cincinnati cityscape, Ohio, USA
Cincinnati cityscape [Image by Susan Clemmons from Pixabay]
Also known as “Queen City” or “Cinci,” the city of Cincinnati straddles the Ohio River. Among its attractions, the Over-the-Rhine district boasts 19th-century architecture, including the popular Findlay Market selling food and crafts. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Museum Center is the place to go for history, science and children’s museums, housed in the art deco Union Terminal. To the north of the city, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is perfect for the whole family and hosts the famous hippo, Fiona. Moreover, the Cincinnati Art Museum boasts art spanning 6,000 years. Read on to find out more about these attractions and what the city has to offer you.

Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood

Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, USA
Findlay Market, Over-the-Rhine neighborhood [Image @findlaymarket/Instagram]
Over-the-Rhine is one of the largest, most intact urban historic districts in the US. Meanwhile, the neighborhood got its name from the mainly German immigrants who moved here during the mid-19th century. Many of them crossed the bridges over the Miami and Erie Canals on their way to work. Meanwhile, the canal separated the area from downtown Cincinnati, so the canal was nicknamed “the Rhine,” in honor of the Rhine River in Germany. The newly settled area became known as Over-the-Rhine, or in German, Über den Rhein.

Nowadays, the former working-class German neighborhood is home to hip gastropubs, craft breweries and trendy bars. It is also known for the 1950s Findlay Market which offers indoor specialty food and craft items for sale. The neighborhood is also known for the Cincinnati Music Hall, home to the city’s symphony orchestra, and for Washington Park, a popular spot for festivals and fountains.

Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center in art deco Union Terminal
Aerial view of Cincinnati Museum Center [Image @cincimuseum/Instagram]

The Cincinnati Museum Center is set in the former art deco Union Terminal in the city. The complex opened in 1990. The history museum features the recreated Cincinnati Public Landing dating from the 1860s. It also features an exhibit on the city’s role in World War II.

Meanwhile, the complex also offers the Museum of Natural History and Science, the Children’s Museum and the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX Theater. The complex has something for everyone, whether adults, young adult, or visiting as a family.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Fiona and Fritz the hippos
Fiona & Fritz hippos with a friend [Image @cincinnatizoo/Instagram]
Located in the Avondale neighborhood of the city, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is the sixth oldest zoo in the US. It was first founded in 1873 and officially opened in 1875. Meanwhile, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1987 for the architecture in the Elephant House, the Passenger Pigeon Memorial and the Reptile House. Moreover, the grounds are also a botanical garden with more than 3,000 types of plants from all over the world. These can be seen in the garden displays, as well as in the naturalistic settings of the animal exhibits.

Mai Thai the Asian elephant
Mai-That the Asian elephant [Image @cincinnatizoo/Instagram]
Meanwhile, the zoo houses one of the largest animal collections in the US, with 17,000 animals, representing more than 500 species. Among the most famous is Fiona the hippo who lives here happily with Fritz. In the past, the zoo held a record for the most births in captivity of lowland gorillas. Other species, including Asian elephants, black Rhinos and Komodo dragons have also been bred successfully here.

Find out more about these attractions and many more on offer in Cincinnati on the city’s official website here.

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