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Travel hacks

Could you travel without your phone?

Could You Travel Phone-Free? One Travel Company Is Challenging Travelers

You just have to look in the streets to see people walking with eyes and thumbs glued to their phones, so could they travel without them?  One travel group is asking that question, by challenging travelers to vacation phone-free. It seems people are taking them up on it! Could you vacation without your tech? Could you travel without your phone? Since the advent or...

Travelers to Mexico should avoid these common scams

Watch Out For These Common Scams In Popular Beach Locations In Mexico

Anyone who travels the world has come across scams whereby locals try to relieve travelers of their vacation cash. However, these six common scams in Mexico really take the cake. Anyone visiting Mexico for the first time should be aware and know what to look out for. However, even well-seasoned travelers could also get targeted for their hard-earned cash. Top common...

KLM cabin crew member gives tips for solo travelers

KLM Cabin Crew Member Shares Travel Hack For Checking Under Hotel Beds On TikTok

Solo travel is becoming a major “thing” in 2023, and this is a good thing. However, for women traveling alone, there are certain dangers to avoid. One KLM cabin crew member regularly shares safety tips for solo travelers on her TikTok account. One recent clip shares a useful tip for checking under beds to ensure no one is hiding there. While this may sound bizarre...