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Visiting Mexico City? Take Time Out At This Best-Kept Secret

Turquoise river at Grutas Tolantongo
[Image by Karina Garcia Marin on Wikimedia Commons]
Many travelers love exploring Mexico City with its many attractions, but sometimes the city crowds can be overwhelming. At that stage, an escape to clear turquoise waters is the perfect day trip, and we aren’t talking about the beaches of Los Cabos, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or more. This attraction is landlocked and is a paradise that is easy to explore.

Visit Grutas Tolantongo from Mexico City

Thermal pools
[Image by Grutas Tolantongo on Facebook]
In a striking canyon close to the city, travelers can enjoy clear turquoise waters and thermal pools. Moreover, Grutas Tolantongo even has a resort to stay overnight. As few people have heard of this inland wonder, this makes it the ideal place for a break from the city crowds. This wondrous canyon is a four-hour journey away from Mexico City, making it difficult for a day trip, but a local resort is the ideal place to stay overnight.

Located in the Mexican state of Hidalgo, this vast canyon features thermal pools for relaxation and crystal-clear turquoise waters for a wondrous swim.

Update your bucket list

Swimming pool at Grutas Tolantongo
[Image by Grutas Tolantongo on Facebook]
Most travelers, when they think of Mexico, dream of iconic historic ruins, pristine beaches and Mexican food. However, it’s time for travelers to add Grutas Tolantongo to their bucket list. This amazing canyon is an ideal escape from busy Mexico City and should be on everyone’s lists for future travel. Moreover, an overnight stay is affordable and a tranquil place to be after a day of exploring.

Located in the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains, Grutas Tolantongo offers warm turquoise waters, powered by volcanic activity in those mountains. This reveals waterfalls, man-made thermal pools and fascinating cave systems to explore and enjoy a natural spa day.

Accessing one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets

Turquoise river at Grutas Tolantongo
Grutas Tolantongo in Mexico [Image by Carlos Adampol Galindo on Flickr]
Unlike many locations in Mexico, a visit to Grutas Tolantongo is affordable, with a $12 fee to gain entry. Meanwhile, there are many hotels and resorts in the surrounding area often charging as little as $60 a night.

However, when booking a visit to this wondrous site, make sure to confirm transportation options as the area surrounding Grutas Tolantongo is rugged and often not walkable.

Moreover, it is important to know exactly how to visit this pristine and fascinating remote canyon from Mexico City. When planning a visit to the site, it is best to fly into Mexico City and either rent a car, take a shuttle from the airport, or first spend time in the city. When ready to head out, travelers can book a trip to Grutas Tolantongo through Turibus at a price of $60 for a full tour.

Thermal pools
Infinity thermal pools [Image by Grutas Tolantongo on Facebook]
While starting in Mexico City is the best bet, Queretaro is another choice. Moreover, adventurous folk can catch one of Mexico’s iconic minibusses to head there, but this would include a detour through Hidalgo City.

Visit the official website for Grutas Tolantongo here to learn more about this amazing, natural attraction and to book tickets.


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