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Bali, Indonesia is one of the top locations for solo travelers

Top 5 Locations For Solo Travelers This Summer According To Google

When looking for travel tips, Google can be a reliable source and when choosing solo travel, Google Flights reveals the top locations. As the popular trend of traveling solo continues, find out the best places to go according to the search engine’s data. Top 5 locations for solo travelers this summer 1. Solo travel to Bali, Indonesia While travelers have been...

Could you travel without your phone?

Could You Travel Phone-Free? One Travel Company Is Challenging Travelers

You just have to look in the streets to see people walking with eyes and thumbs glued to their phones, so could they travel without them?  One travel group is asking that question, by challenging travelers to vacation phone-free. It seems people are taking them up on it! Could you vacation without your tech? Could you travel without your phone? Since the advent or...