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Explore All Of Portugal By Train This Fall For A Mere $53

Explore Portugal with the national train pass
Explore Portugal with the National Train Pass [Image Matt Hintsa/Flickr]
After a record-breaking summer in Europe, Portugal and other nations are no doubt thrilled that travel has bounced back. However, while all of Europe scored this year, Portugal is still working to save travelers some money. What they have come up with is a monthly national train pass to travel all over the country for a mere $53. Read on to find out more.

Portugal offers monthly national train pass for $53

While many people have been traveling this summer, there are still travelers who are on a strict budget that interferes with their travel pleasure. Meanwhile, planes and trains have been known for their high price tag. In fact, most trains in Europe now charge more than $50, depending on the route.

Travel Portugal by train
Travel Portugal [Image @cp_comboiosdeportugal/Instagram]
Meanwhile, some travelers have opted for the affordable European bus services, but now trains are making a big comeback in one European country. Portugal announced earlier in August that they have launched a new national train pass, which will cost travelers only $53. While the country is following in the footsteps of other European nations, this bus pass is epic.

About the national train pass

Portugal’s new national train pass is valid for almost all of the country’s regional trains and is set to let locals and tourists travel the country at an affordable price. However, Comboios de Portugal did note that the new pass isn’t valid on urban services (buses, trams and subway). While this might be disappointing for locals, riding on regional trains with no limitations for a month is an absolute win for travelers.

How do you get the pass in Portugal?

See all of Portugal by rail
[Image @cp_comboiosdeportugal/Instagram]
First thing, customers must complete a CP form and produce it with an official ID (driver’s license or passport). Once complete, cards can be purchased from offices all over Portugal and will initially attract a 6 euro fee. Following this, the card can be topped up each month as needed.

For now, the new train pass is not valid for the following lines:

  • Douro Line (Régua-Pocinho)
  • Suburban Coimbra Line (Coimbra-Figueira da Foz)
  • Alentejo Line (Pinhal Novo-Évora and Pinhal Novo-Vila Nova da Baronia)
  • Southern line (Pinhal Novo-Tunes)

Why is now a good time to visit Portugal?

Travel in the fall
Fall travel [Image by Alejandro Piñero Amerio from Pixabay]
Like most of Europe, Portugal had a buzzing summer with hordes of tourists enjoying a stay. Now that summer is gradually winding down, the fall draws near, an ideal time of year to visit Europe. What with more comfortable weather, less crowds and lower prices, along with beautiful fall colors, this is the perfect time to visit. What is even better while temperatures drop, the weather is comfortable and is even perfect for the beach, again with fewer crowds on the sand.

Meanwhile, being a quieter season of the year, fall is also perfect for booking affordable flights from many cities across the US. For instance, a flight from Boston or New York to Porto can be booked for under $400 roundtrip. Meanwhile, even though it is typically more expensive to fly into Lisbon, there are still roundtrip flights for less than $500 if you look enough.

Enjoy a visit to Portugal during the fall. Take advantage of the new $53 train pass to explore this beautiful European nation. Find out more on the Comboios de Portugal website.


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