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Affordable Caribbean: Cheaper Flights Available To Puerto Rico With Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines offers cheap flights to Puerto Rico
Avelo Airlines offers cheap flights to Puerto Rico [Image by Andrew from Pixabay]
Puerto Rico is a US territory, meaning it is easy for Americans to visit, even without a passport. On top of that, new flights are about to make it even easier and cheaper to visit this Caribbean paradise. A new flight service is coming from Avelo Airlines, leaving from New Haven, Connecticut. Read on to find out more about this new service and how little it will cost to visit Puerto Rico in the future.

Cheaper flights to Puerto Rico via Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines new flights to Puerto Rico
Avelo Airlines [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Nestled in the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is a sundrenched paradise with gorgeous beaches backed by majestic mountains. The island also has a lively culture, and both English and Spanish are spoken here, making it easy for Americans.

Meanwhile, with a new flight service flying from New Haven, Connecticut, it just got cheaper to travel there. Moreover, this is Avelo Airlines’ first Caribbean destination and the non-stop, one-way flights to Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan will cost as little as $99. On top of this, Tweed New Haven Airport in Connecticut is easy to access for many Americans living in the Northeast. These new flights are likely to make Puerto Rico one of the hottest destinations for Americans in 2023.

Visiting the ‘Island of Enchantment’

Rural scenes in Puerto Rico
Rural scenes [Image by Rick Lipsett from Pixabay]
Puerto Rico is dubbed the Island of Enchantment and, as mentioned, one of its charms is that American travelers can visit without a passport. However, despite it being a US territory, this Caribbean island feels wonderfully exotic, with its sunny, tropical climate. Moreover, it is equally exotic for its blend of Taíno, African, and Spanish cultures. It truly feels like traveling to foreign lands, while easy to get there.

Naturally, like most Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico boasts beautiful, white sandy beaches, lapped by crystal-clear turquoise waters, making it a dream come true. Speaking of beaches, one of the most popular beaches lies on the Puerto Rican island of Culebra. In fact, Flamenco Bay is ranked among the best beaches in the world.

Flamenco Bay, Culebra
Flamenco Bay, Culebra [Image by Alejandro Ortiz-Mendez from Pixabay]
With its sheltered location, Flamenco Bay almost always has calm waves, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beach. Moreover, the beach is also ideal for families with small children.

Another popular beach goes by the unusual name of Crash Boat Beach. The beach lies on the northwestern coast of the island, in the municipality of Aguadilla. Meanwhile, besides being wonderfully scenic, the famous diving spot, El Natural, is close by where travelers can get under the water to view some colorful and exotic marine life.

Crash Boat Beach
Crash Boat Beach [Image Wikimedia Commons]
These are just two of the best beaches that Puerto Rico has to offer American travelers.

Dining and nightlife in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican food
Puerto Rican food [Image by Esteban Rodriguez from Pixabay]
Besides its gorgeous beaches, Puerto Rico offers a tasty array of delicious cuisines to sample. Here, dishes blend everything of the best of African, Spanish and native Taíno flavors into some delicious dining.

Besides dining, the island offers a Latin music scene, with excellent nightlife available in San Juan. Here, music and dance styles vary, featuring salsa, reggaetón, plena, bomba, decimal and even some jazz to keep the toes tapping.

Find out more about Avelo Airlines’ new flight service from New Haven, Connecticut to Puerto Rico on the airline’s official website.


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