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Experience Adventure In Bonnie Scotland This Summer

Experience adventure on the Isle of Skye in Scotland
Adventure in Scotland [Image by Frank Winkler from Pixabay]
Up in the north of the United Kingdom, Scotland is an amazingly scenic country just waiting to be explored. Whether climbing mountains, exploring national parks, or canoeing the lochs and rivers, this country ticks all the boxes for an adventurous summer vacation. Read on to find out some of the best places to have an adventure this summer in Scotland.

The Inner Hebrides and the Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye, Scotland
Adventure on the Isle of Skye, Scotland [Image by Bill Kasman from Pixabay]
Dominating the Inner Hebrides, the Isle of Skye truly stands out with its looming mountains and rugged volcanic rock. For this reason, the island is a popular location for hikers, bikers and sailors alike. However, each island has its own unique character and attractions, with Rum and Eigg being smaller islands, perfect for hiking.

Meanwhile, Islay is renowned for its whisky, which is a different adventure altogether, and Mull is famous for its wildlife. Here, fascinating marine life and many seabirds, eagles and more can be easily spotted. Basically, those keen on mountain climbing will appreciate the mountains of Skye, while sailors can explore the sea around the islands’ varied coastlines.

Orkney and the Shetland Isles of Scotland

Orkney Island
Orkney Island [Image by Fred T. from Pixabay]
Those seeking gorgeous scenery, full of wildlife should head to Orkney and the beautiful Shetland Isles. Here, visitors can have a truly rewarding time and, as these islands have a strong Norse influence, it will also be a remarkably different cultural experience.

Among the landscapes are striking coastlines, hugged by rugged cliffs and with deep caves and rock stacks to explore. The cliffs make a wonderful backdrop, whatever the adventure, sea kayaking and hiking alike. Moreover, the geographic location of the islands makes it an ideal spot for varied wildlife, with many types of seabirds, as well as unusual flora, including the rare Scottish primrose.

Orkney Island - Neolithic Ring of Brodgar
Neolithic Ring of Brodgar, Orkney [Image by Doris Pecka from Pixabay]
However, besides the wonderful landscapes, there is ancient history to be explored in the many Neolithic sites throughout the area.

At the end of the day, visitors will find the islanders warm and welcoming and serve delicious, hearty local food.

The Cairngorms and Central Highlands of Scotland

When looking for mountainous scenery, the Cairngorms and the Central Highlands make a perfect location. In fact, this includes four of the five highest mountains in Scotland as well as the largest national park in the United Kingdom. Due to this, the area is one of the best for a true adventure vacation, heading out hill walking and mountaineering.

Cairngorms of Scotland
Cairngorms of Scotland [Image by steveandjanet from Pixabay]
Meanwhile, the national park also features forests, pretty lochs and lovely glens, all linked by forest hiking trails. This makes this the perfect place for hikers and mountain bikers alike.

Experience adventure in Scotland on your next vacation. Enjoy the lovely scenery, try your hand at mountaineering, canoeing and hiking, or just relax and enjoy the views.


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