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Latest ‘Transformative Travel’ Trend Sees People Seeking Quiet Escapes

Travelers are seeking quiet escapes in a new travel tend
Travelers are seeking quiet escapes in a new travel trend [Image by alandsmann from Pixabay]
Since the end of the pandemic, travel has come back in full force, with some destinations reporting record numbers of visitors. Among the latest trends is solo travel, where people enjoy vacationing alone in growing numbers. However, the latest trend right now isn’t about exciting city breaks and lively nightlife. It has been revealed that this new trend is all about people traveling for quiet escapes and personal transformation.

Travelers seeking quiet escapes

Admittedly, it is a crazy world out there these days, which apparently now makes people want to escape the hectic life and spend vacations in peace and quiet. By doing so, they experience silence, introspection and thoughtfulness.

According to Condé Nast Traveler, many travelers seek quiet walks and beautiful views of nature. This has led to a new travel trend, the “quest for quietude.”

Peace and quiet in nature
Peace and quiet in nature [Image by smellypumpy from Pixabay]
This new trend takes people out of the rush and clutter of everyday life and into peace and quiet while on vacation. It has been described as being a shift toward introspection and a deeper connection with where people are, literally and figuratively.

One way people are enjoying the new trend is by taking silent walks, getting lost in their own thoughts while sights and sounds go by. This is said to be more beneficial than listening to music or chatting with other walkers.

As noted by Condé Nast Traveler, spending time in silence has many benefits, allowing us to more comfortably sort through our thoughts and feelings. It allows us to manage stress and can even boost creativity.

Quiet Parks International

Quiet escapes out in nature are the new travel trend
Quiet escapes in nature are the new travel trend [Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay]
Gordon Hampton is an acoustic ecologist in Washington State who has co-founded Quiet Parks International. This nonprofit focuses on raising awareness to the benefits of less noise for people and wildlife. Meanwhile, the group offers a selection of experiences for those who are open to meditative stillness and quiet walks in the woods.

Rather than creating an itinerary, people allow themselves to get “low-key lost”, while leaving the planning to someone else, with no idea of where they will end up. Meanwhile, according to Hampton, silent travel isn’t just good for travelers’ well-being, but also the planet. “Natural quiet is an essential quality that both humans and wildlife need,” he said.

Moreover, the luxury travel company, Black Tomato, offers a travel experience dubbed, “Get Lost.” This experience requires travelers to complete a detailed questionnaire about what they hope to get from their vacation. However, they will be unaware of what is in store for them, or even where they are going until they arrive. Meanwhile, Tom Marchant, a co-founder of Black Tomato has sent travelers on solo trips to some remarkable locations. Reportedly, the traveler’s progress is monitored by a specialist and they can bail out at any time.

However, Marchant did say it can be a challenge to manage the traveler’s environment, but that it is also a time to truly disconnect from daily life in a new way.


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