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Experience The Best Hiking Trails Near Denver, Colorado

Experience some of the best hiking trails near Denver, Colorado
Experience some of the best hiking trails near Denver, Colorado [Image by Inna Sherman from Pixabay]
Denver, Colorado is a beautiful city to live in or to visit. However, what makes the Mile High City even better is the many well-maintained hiking trails in the mountains close by. Whether seeking an easy and gentle hike in a forest, or an adventurous climb up the hills, these hiking trails have something suitable for everyone. Meanwhile, all the hikes offer visitors a marvelous mountain escape without traveling for miles.

6 of the best hiking trails near Denver, Colorado

1. Bear Peak in Boulder

Mountain views near Boulder, Colorado
Mountain views near Boulder, Colorado [Image by Herb rut from Pixabay]
Starting with an easy hike and escape from the city, this hiking trail is a short trip north of the city to Boulder. In a mere 30 minutes, hikers will arrive close to the base of Boulder’s Bear Creek. This tops out at 8,459 feet and there are several ways to reach the peak. However, one of the less-traveled trails heads out from Shanahan Ridge, a little south of the city of Boulder. The five-mile trail offers a strenuous but rewarding hike with spectacular views.

2. Summit Lake Trail and Chicago Lakes

Views in Georgetown
Views in Georgetown [Image by bsheptock from Pixabay]
An hour’s drive to the west takes hikers to the mountainous Georgetown, with its gorgeous Summit Lake Trail and Chicago Lakes. The trail is 11.3 miles out and back and is considered hard. However, with the surrounding Mount Evans Wilderness views, the effort is worth it, especially for the mountain lakes at the top. When visiting in spring and early summer, glorious wildflowers cover the way for extra delight.

3. Evergreen Mountain Trail

Views near Evergreen, Colorado
Views near Evergreen, Colorado [Image by TAMARIX from Pixabay]
This hiking trail is around a 40-minute drive from Denver, just past the town of Evergreen. Here, the 1,127-acre park hosts more than 15 miles of hiking trails. Along each route, hikers can see stunning views and rock formations. One of the most recommended is the Evergreen Mountain Trail, a moderate loop with plenty of shady trees.

4. Fountain Valley Loop Trail

Mule deer
Mule deer [Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay]
This easy, 2.6-mile loop starts just south of Denver and is a real treat. Surrounding the trail are red rock formations, as well as the habitats of much of the Colorado wildlife, including mule deer, foxes and golden eagles. This hike is definitely recommended for those with little time to spare and is truly rewarding.

5. Lake Isabelle via Pawnee Pass Trail

Lake Isabelle
Lake Isabelle [Image by Sherri from Pixabay]
For those seeking a longer rewarding hike, this one starts outside Nederland, around an hour’s drive from Denver. On a hot day, the trail running along Long Lake makes a cooler hike. Meanwhile, reaching Lake Isabelle from the Pawnee Pass Trail is relatively easy for most skill levels. Moreover, it is among the most beautiful hikes in the area. It’s best to start this trail early, to get a parking spot at the trailhead and to allow plenty of time to finish the 6.6-mile hike.

6. Missouri Lakes Trail near Minturn

Minturn, Colorado
Minturn, Colorado [Image by GoMinturn on Wikimedia Commons]
This trail is also best started early and is near the small town of Minturn, around two hours west of Denver. While it is quite a long drive, it is possible to escape the crowds on the 9.2-mile out-and-back trail. Even better, the trail passes a beautiful mountain lake, always cooling on a hot day.

Find more exciting hiking trails close to Denver on the Expansive Adventure website with downloadable maps.



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