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Some Of The Best Extreme Travel Options In The World

Get the adrenaline flowing with extreme travel adventures
Get the adrenaline flowing with extreme travel adventures pImage by genielutz from Pixabay]

Reportedly, the extreme travel market is seeing a growing demand, with more and more travelers heading out to experience the adrenaline rush of true adventure. While there are many options to choose from, read on to learn about just some of the most unique (and often scary) extreme adventures, both near home and around the world. Tuck them in your bucket list ready to make memories for a lifetime.

Go skiing in Antarctica

Extreme travel - skiing and snowboarding in Antarctica
Skiing and snowboarding in Antarctica [Image by Aurora Expeditions on Facebook]
Those who love skiing have a wide choice of destinations around the world, including places like Aspen, Switzerland, France and Austria. However, skiing in Antarctica is something truly different. Aurora Expeditions offers experienced guides, taking skiers and snowboarders on a tour of one of the most remote locations in the world. Here, they can climb up, and then ski down many magnificent slopes and glaciers for a truly thrilling extreme travel adventure.

Go swimming with whale sharks in the Maldives

Swimming with whale sharks in the Maldives
Swimming with whale sharks in the Maldives [Image by Domingo Trejo from Pixabay]
Heading to warmer climes, the St. Regis in the Maldives offers a unique maritime adventure at the famous Whale Shark Point at the tip of Ari Atoll. Those with an adventurous soul climb aboard a 66-foot yacht, heading out into the water, before snorkeling alongside the majestic and massive whale sharks. However, it isn’t only about the sharks, as the half-day extreme travel experience also includes dolphin spotting and munching on delicious snacks along the way, while viewing the vibrant marine life in the Maldives.

Go ziplining in Sonoma County, California

Go ziplining in Sonoma County - extreme travel adventure
Go ziplining in Sonoma County, California [Image by Daniel Mena from Pixabay]
Staying closer to home, Sonoma Zipline Adventures offers extreme travelers the opportunity to explore Northern California’s gorgeous wilderness from a different perspective. Here, they can travel on high-speed ziplines, giving amazing views from hundreds of feet above the ground. For a quieter adventure, scenic walks with experienced guides are also enjoyable. Moreover, travelers can spend the night in a deluxe tree house.

African adventure – Gorilla tracking in Rwanda

Visit the gorillas of Rwanda
Visit the gorillas of Rwanda [Image by deinarson from Pixabay]
Head out to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda for the unique opportunity to meet gorillas in their natural habitat. Expert guides accompany small groups of travelers, taking them within a few feet of the world’s largest living primate. Visit Rwanda offers eight tracking permits per troop, per day making the natural encounter as intimate and unobtrusive as possible.

Hot air ballooning over Woodinville Wine Country

Hot air balloon
Hot Air Balloon ride over Woodinville Wine Country [Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay]
Bellevue, Washington, offers a range of extreme travel adventures to choose from, including hot air balloon rides over the beautiful Woodinville Wine Country. Depending on the time of day, travelers can experience scenic sunrises or sunsets. They can also travel above Puget Sound, or the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges from up in the sky. Moreover, other adventures here include kayaking, seaplane rides, paragliding adventures and mountain biking.

Have an extreme travel adventure in 2024, trying out the above options and read about more adventure sports here.

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