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Enjoy An African Safari Park Experience In Georgia In 2024

Georgia Safari Conservation Park near Atlanta
Safari Park opens in Georgia [Image by Gil from Pixabay]
There’s nothing more exciting than a safari experience but not everyone can afford to travel to Africa. From April next year, animal lovers won’t need to travel to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to see African and other wildlife up close and personal. This comes as the Georgia Safari Conservation Park is set to open in 2024. Read on to find out what you can expect from a visit to the safari park, including an overnight stay.

Enjoy an African safari experience in Georgia, USA

For those seeking an African wildlife experience, a new African safari park is set to open in Georgia in April 2024. Located a short drive from Atlanta, the park will allow visitors to get up close and personal with wildlife without having to head to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Bison in the safari park
Bison in the safari park [Image @gasafariconservationpark/Instagram]
According to the organizers, the Georgia Safari Conservation Park will be located around an hour’s drive from Atlanta. Bill Kilmer, Partner of Georgia Safari Conservation Park said in a statement:

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Georgia Safari Conservation Park. Our mission is not only to provide a thrilling and immersive safari experience for our visitors but also to foster a deep appreciation for the natural world and promote active involvement in conservation efforts through education, adventure and a commitment to sustainability.

About Georgia Safari Conservation Park

Tortoise in Georgia Safari Conservation park
African tortoise enjoys a treat [Image @gasafariconservationpark/Instagram]
According to the park’s website, their vision is to create a conservation legacy that will have a positive impact on the life of people and animals. The safari park will make its mission to remain committed to the highest standard of animal care and well-being. The experience will connect people with animals through “fun and engaging encounters,” while supporting local, regional and global conservation efforts in the wild.

Moreover, the park will support conservation education programs aimed at changing behaviors. To that end, Georgia Safari Conservation Park is partnering with The Georgia Zoological Society, Inc. and is collaborating with other like-minded organizations.

What will the park offer?

Animal Keeper
Animal Keeper [Image @gasafariconservationpark/Instagram]
The safari park has been 10 years in the making and will cover an area of 530 acres and will host a variety of African and other endangered animals. Guests can experience animal encounters and a drive-through safari to view the exotic and endangered animals. They can choose between visiting the park as a group or enjoying a private VIP Tour. Meanwhile, the immersive and interpretive guided tours take guests through a wildlife savannah, comprised of open plains and forests.

Moreover, the safari park offers an up-close giraffe and rhino encounter offering education and wonderful memories for the whole family. Its expert animal keepers will be there to share their experience to add to viewing the beautiful wildlife in natural surroundings.

Stay overnight in the safari park

encounter rhinos in the park
Rhino encounter [Image by Pexels from Pixabay]
For those who choose to stay in the safari park overnight, accommodations include suites and luxury safari tents. One of the highlights is the Giraffe Suite which overlooks the majestic creatures. That suite accommodates up to four persons with a two-night minimum stay at a cost of around $1,250 per night. For those getting married, the park also features a Honeymoon Hideaway at $590 per night.

Meanwhile, the luxury safari tents offer two bedrooms, accommodating up to four guests at a cost of $790 per night. Moreover, all accommodations include a guided tour of the safari park.

Find out more about the Georgia Safari Conservation Park on its official website here.



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