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Explore The Unique Side Of Dubai In The United Arab Emirates

Unique attractions in Dubai, UAE
Unique attractions in Dubai, UAE [Image by Andrzej from Pixabay]
Remember how they used to say that everything is bigger in Texas? Well, Dubai figuratively says, “Hold my beer,” as the UAE city keeps adding more wonders. Everyone already knows about the 2,717-foot-tall Burj Khalifa, towering over Dubai’s skyline. They have likely also seen images of the Palm Jumeirah artificial archipelago of islands off the city’s coast. However, there are many more fascinating attractions to be seen in Dubai. Here we explore the Dubai Miracle Gardens, The Museum of the Future and Ski Dubai, where visitors can head to the slopes.

Relax in the Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden
The unique Dubai Miracle Garden [Image by Валентина Цибульская from Pixabay
Bear in mind that Dubai was built in a dry and arid desert, which is miracle enough, but even more miraculous is the Dubai Miracle Garden. This beautiful and colorful garden is believed to be the largest – and likely most unique – garden on Earth.

This spectacular floral display covers more than 775,000 sq ft of land and hosts around 45 million separate flowers from 70 different plant varieties. If that isn’t a miracle enough, the floral displays grow in various shapes and designs, and even at different angles. With the combination of normal flower beds, trellises and buildings covered in flowers, the effect is beautiful indeed.

When you the garden is grown in a harsh desert climate, it makes you wonder how it survives. However, gardeners water the flowers, using a drip, rather than a spray method, and this with the re-use of wastewater, makes it all possible.

Readers can enjoy a virtual tour of the Dubai Miracle Garden in the video included here:

The Museum of the Future

One of Dubai’s latest achievements has been dubbed, “The Most Beautiful Building on Earth,” and the Museum of the Future is spectacular indeed. Meanwhile, the architectural marvel is covered with poetic Arabic calligraphy and aims to transport its visitors to the year 2071.

The Museum of the Future
The Museum of the Future [Image @museumofthefuture/Instagram]
While Dubai hasn’t achieved the wonders of time travel, the exhibits in the museum are intended to inspire the scientific and technological advancements that humans might achieve. In fact, while traditional museums have exhibits from past history, the Museum of the Future is just the opposite.

Museum of the Future, Dubai
The Museum of the Future [Image @museumofthefuture/Instagram]
According to curators, the museum’s exhibits encourage visitors to use their five senses, while exploring its interactive exhibits. Moreover, it allows visitors to imagine what vast technological advancements we can expect from the future.

Meanwhile, the Museum of the Future plans to “position Dubai as a test bed for emerging technologies and an exploration base for talents, inventors and creative professionals from all over the world to unravel the greatest challenges that will shape the future of humanity.”

Ski Dubai – indoor skiing resort

Ski Dubai
Christmas card scenes at Ski Dubai [Image by Michael Mahlberg/Flickr]
While it does seem amazing that Dubai can grow millions of flowers in a harsh desert environment, it isn’t too much of a stretch to believe that visitors can also go skiing, too, even in 120-degree Fahrenheit weather.

The developers have created the city’s own 279-foot mountain, complete with snow, inside the massive Mall of the Emirates. In fact, there are even ski lifts! Moreover, Ski Dubai offers multiple ski runs including the first indoor Black Diamond-rated course in the world.

Meanwhile, for those who don’t want to ski or snowboard, tobogganing is another option. Alternatively, you can roll down a snowy slope in a massive plastic ball, or enjoy a few moments with the local penguins. Even the kids have their own special area to have fun in the snow.

Exterior view of Ski Dubai
Exterior view of Ski Dubai ski slope [Image by juni_cz from Pixabay]
As readers can imagine, in the hot desert environment, most visitors aren’t equipped with suitable clothing for the snow. Worry not, as Ski Dubai includes the rental of coats and snow gear in the entrance fee.

Make sure to visit these three major attractions in Dubai, as they each prove that nothing is impossible in this world.


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