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Tag - over-tourism

Sagrada Familia Barcelona increases tourist tax

Spain News: Barcelona To Raise Tourist Tax On April 1

Over-tourism rears its head again as Barcelona announces an increase in its tourist tax on April 1. The iconic Spanish city first levied a tourist tax in 2012 to attract “quality” tourism, but now it is set to increase again. Read on to learn more about the tourist tax and how it affects travelers. Barcelona, Spain increases tourist tax once again Since it first...

Madrid issuing 'black level' alert for over-crowding in the Christmas holidays

Madrid Planning ‘Black Level’ Alert Due To Christmas Overcrowding

Since the pandemic, the word “over-tourism” regularly comes up in travel headlines and this includes Madrid in Spain.  In fact, Spain’s capital is already planning a “black level” alert for the holidays in an effort to prevent overcrowding in the streets at Christmas. If you are planning a city break or vacation in Madrid, read on to be aware of the measures being...