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Ultimate Airport Shuttle: Malaga Airport To Marbella By eVtol

Malaga Airport, Andalucía, Spain
Travel from Malaga Airport, Costa del Sol, Spain to Marbella by eVtol [Image by N i c o_ on Flickr]
Spain’s air traffic control service Enaire at Malaga Airport is working with German company Lilium and other local businesses to fly passengers by drone to Marbella. This speedy and convenient service will transport passengers quickly to their destination without being stuck in the summer traffic.

Take an eVtol aircraft from Malaga Airport to Marbella

Passengers flying into Malaga Airport have various options to get to Marbella. If they aren’t hiring a car, they can catch a bus, take the Renfe train to Fuengirola (and then a bus), or take a taxi. During the summer months, when everything is packed with tourists, those options are tiring after a flight to Spain. That’s where this story comes in. Imagine deplaning and grabbing your baggage, then climbing into an eVtol aircraft to speed you to your destination in Marbella. This could happen by 2026.

SUR recently reported on the leading role Malaga Airport and its control tower are playing in the development of eVtol (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft for commercial passenger transport in Spain. Since then, the news service has been wondering how much this would cost, but they now have an estimate.

What will the fare be from Malaga Airport to Marbella?

Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain
Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain [Image by JK on Flickr]
The distance from Malaga’s airport to Marbella is around 50 km (31 mi). Lilium and Enaire, who are bringing this new technology to Spain, now have a rough estimate of €2 per passenger, per kilometer of flight, which works out roughly to €100 ($109). Bear in mind that the Malaga Airport Taxi costs €75 ($81.68) and, considering all the traffic along the way, that little extra to fly is certainly a worthwhile option.

It was previously reported that Helity, the helicopter company connecting Malaga, Algeciras and Ceuta has a pre-agreement with Lilium to develop the eVtol connections in Andalucia. Moreover, they have shown interest in acquiring five of eVtol aircraft for use in the region. Meanwhile, the drone, with a planned capacity of six passengers is still in the development phase.

A Lilium spokesperson told SUR:

The Lilium aircraft will achieve an industry-leading cost, our vision is to democratise electric aviation.

We are seeing very good progress. We started production of our aircraft at the end of last year in our Munich facility, and the second fuselage is being prepared for final assembly.

For now, the aeronautics company is conducting flight tests with two technology demonstrators in Villacarrillo (Jaén). The spokesperson added that their focus right now is on achieving the first piloted flight by the end of 2024. However, they did add that this timeline is ambitious, so plans are to deliver the first aircraft in 2026.

Advantages of the Lilium eVtol aircraft

As mentioned, traveling from Malaga Airport to Marbella can be a slow journey time, especially in the summer traffic. One of the big advantages of the new Lilium aircraft is that it will cut journey times and be able to guarantee punctuality.

Meanwhile, the eVtol will reach a cruising speed of up to 250 km (155 mi) per hour, with a maximum range of 250 km (266 mi). Using this information, the journey between Malaga Airport and Marbella will take 15-20 minutes and around 35-40 minutes to Granada.

Moreover, as with other models being designed around the world, the Lilium drone will be fully electric and will always take off and land vertically, giving them easy access in large cities. Also, the aircraft will have the same safety standards as commercial aviation but will have a seating capacity of between five and ten seats.

While existing heliports could be used for the service, plans are to build landing strips in strategic areas, including the airport, the Port of Malaga with its close proximity to the city center and a strategic point in Marbella.



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