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Tag - Granada

Explora Journeys

Mediterranean Destination Experiences From Explora Journeys In 2024

Sailing the Mediterranean just got even better, after Explora Journeys revealed its Destination Experiences for 2024. Moreover, the luxury lifestyle brand of MSC Group is expanding its offerings before the inaugural Mediterranean season of Explora I and Explora II launches. Read on to find out about the exciting new experiences to be had while immersing in the rich...

Soportujar in winter

Visit Soportujar In Southern Spain And Its Witches In 2024

Readers were recently introduced to two fascinating locations in Spain – one related to Vikings and the other to witches. However, that witch destination isn’t alone, as the small village of Soportujar also celebrates witchy things. Read on to find out what you can see in the village while on a day trip from Granada. Soportujar in Spain and its witches When glancing...