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Caucasus Mountains - Georgia

Visit Caucasus: Three Countries At The Cultural Crossroads Of Europe And Asia

Anyone looking for an unusual or unique vacation in 2024 should consider visiting the Caucasus. This area of the world hosts three countries, each with different languages and cultures. Meanwhile, they border each other at the cultural crossroads of Europe and Asia, making for a unique experience. While each has a different history and culture, they also offer...

Georgia Safari Conservation Park near Atlanta

Enjoy An African Safari Park Experience In Georgia In 2024

There’s nothing more exciting than a safari experience but not everyone can afford to travel to Africa. From April next year, animal lovers won’t need to travel to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to see African and other wildlife up close and personal. This comes as the Georgia Safari Conservation Park is set to open in 2024. Read on to find out what you can expect from a...

Gettysburg National Military Park

New Report Reveals Top Free Attractions In The US To Visit In The Fall

As September opened the temperatures in the US started declining which is a relief after the hot summer months. For those of us who have spent too much this summer, and want to explore in the fall, a new report has ranked the top free attractions to visit in the US this season. Reportedly, the list was put together from five-star reviews given to the location on...