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Uber Boat: New Water-Based Transport Launches In Europe

Book an Uber Boat in Europe
Book an Uber Boat in Europe [Image Uber]
The ride-hailing app Uber has proved hugely popular for getting around on four wheels, but now it is expanding its offer on the water. Whether enjoying a cruise or being transported by yacht, these new water-based options are set to make life easier this summer.

Uber Boat takes to the water this summer

Popular ride-hailing app Uber is taking to the water this summer in Europe, expanding its service to make life easier for travelers. We’ve all gotten used to traveling on four wheels with Uber, but in destinations with water, the app will make it easier to get to those hidden spots and visit places off the beaten path. Right now, the company is rolling out its boat service in some of Europe’s most popular locations. Among their offering is everything from cruises to sailing on a yacht.

Anabel Diaz, Vice President, EMEA Mobility at Uber said in a statement:

Whether it’s sailing around Ibiza in your own private yacht or experiencing the Venetian Lagoon by boat, we’re thrilled to add some Uber magic to our customers’ holidays this summer.

Let’s take a look at just some of the examples where a water-borne Uber can make life easier for travelers in Europe.

Uber Cruise in Paris for the Olympics

Water-based Uber in Paris
Water-based Uber in Paris [Image Uber]
Meanwhile, just in time for the 2024 Summer Olympics, Paris will play host to Uber Cruise, a free, one-hour trip set to run from July 12 to August 3. On this River Seine journey, visitors will be able to take in all the iconic sights of the City of Light, including the Louvre, the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, while relating on board with a complimentary glass of wine. This is sure to make travelers happy when trying to escape the inevitable Olympic crowds.

Exploring Venice with Uber Boat

Luxury yacht from Uber
Luxury yacht [Image Uber]
Naturally, water-borne travel is nothing new in Venice and continues to be popular, despite the city banning cruise ships. However, Uber has now become part of the action, where visitors will soon be able to use their existing Uber app to call a “Limo Boat” on demand.

Available between 8 am and 8 pm each day, Limo Boats will take passengers to explore the Venice Lagoon. Meanwhile, the service launched on July 3 and has already established almost 200 dedicated pick-up and drop-off points throughout the city. Reportedly, these boats will cost from €120 ($130) per trip while accommodating up to six people.

Take an Uber Boat in Greece

Uber Boat in Greece
Uber Boat in Greece [Image Uber]

Uber Boat already launched in Mykonos, Greece last summer and will be back this summer, along with other popular destinations

With the Uber app, visitors can use the app in Athens, Santorini and Corfu from July to reach those out-of-the-way places by water. The service will run between 9 am and 9 pm and prices vary by location, but minimum fares are set at €200 ($216) per boat.

Call a yacht in Spain’s Balearic Islands

Luxury vacation in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
Luxury vacation in Ibiza, Spain [Image by marucha from Pixabay]
Like many things in Ibiza, renting a yacht doesn’t come cheap. However, the Uber yacht will set sail from Ibiza this August, taking eight people on an eight-hour cruise. This comes with a personal skipper, a complimentary bottle of Cava and locally sourced artisan snacks.

However, bear in mind that this needs to be booked in advance via the Uber app, and sets sail each day from Ibiza Town at 12 noon. This private cruise on the Sunseeker Yacht costs €1,600 ($1,732) all-inclusive. Meanwhile, transfers are included from hotels to the jetty and guests can plan their own preferred route around the Balearic Islands.



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