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Things To See And Do In Croatia’s Historic Capital Zagreb

Visit Zagreb in Croatia
Tram in Zagreb, Croatia [Image by TheoRivierenlaan from Pixabay]
Croatia is becoming one of the most popular European destinations, particularly its capital, Zagreb. The city is a unique place where visitors can explore both the Upper Town and the Lower Town. Moreover, this historic city features a mix of architectural designs, with something to see around each corner. Read on to find out more about Zagreb and why you should book that trip.

Upper Town, Zagreb

Historic procession in Zagreb
Historic procession in Upper Town [Image by strgars from Pixabay]
Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and a unique place to explore both the Upper Town and the Lower Town. This historic city features a mix of architectural designs, with something to see around each corner. Explore the cobblestone streets of the Upper Town, with buildings crowned by red roofs.

St. Marks Church
St. Mark’s Church [Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay]
While there, visit the beautiful Gothic Cathedral. Alternatively, see the fascinating and colorful tiled roof of the 13th-century St. Mark’s Church.

Visit Lower Town

Funicular Railway in Zagreb
Funicular Railway, Zagreb [Image by Predrag Kezic from Pixabay]
Next, head to the short, steep Funicular Railway that connects Upper and Lower Town. It was constructed in 1888 and has been running between the two parts of the city ever since. Lively Lower Town in Zagreb offers a great shopping experience, as well as museums, art galleries and parks.

Museum of Naïve Art, Zagreb
Museum of Naïve Art, Zagreb [Image @museumofnaivemarginalart/Instagram]
Here, the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art is housed in a small building, displaying artworks from the 1960s and 1970s. Meanwhile, the work comes from some of the most important artists of that period, including Generalic, Rabuzin and Mraz. Next browse more art at the Mimara Museum, housing a collection of work by the European masters.

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb
Museum of Broken Relationships [Image @brokenships/Instagram]
Most people have experienced at least one breakup in their love lives and Zagreb has the perfect museum to commemorate those losses. The Museum of Broken Relationships is one of several in Croatia and is a fascinating visit. Here, the broken-hearted have donated quirky keepsakes of their failed relationships. Then, there is the museum’s Book of Confessions where people leave their own heartbreaking notes.

Museum of Broken Relationships
Entry in the Book of Confessions [Image @brokenships/Instagram]

Among these surprising keepsakes of lost love, there is even a toaster that someone donated so their former lover couldn’t make toast. Other items include various ornaments, clothing, shoes and even notes shared between the broken-up couple. All are displayed on the white walls of the museum for everyone to see.

Theater and arts in Zagreb

Croatian National Theater
Croatian National Theater [Image by Olaf Janssen from Pixabay]
Fans of drama, opera and ballet can visit the Croatian National Theater, set in a neo-baroque building in Lower Town. The theater hosts an annual international theater festival and other enjoyable events.

Meanwhile, a visit to the backstreets of Lower Town will reveal bland concrete walls, transformed into colorful murals by local street artists. This is one part of the city that truly should be captured with a camera, especially as the murals are often painted over and a fresh image placed there instead.

Wining and dining in Zagreb

Tkalciceva St, Zagreb
Tkalciceva St, Zagreb [Image Vanja Gavrić/Flickr]
Meanwhile, this area of the city features a selection of excellent restaurants, as well as bars and nightclubs for an evening of fun. Zagreb has a popular café culture which is a part of everyday life in the city. Moreover, besides the many restaurants and cafés, pop-up markets and food stalls in the parks and squares offers many delicious treats. Make sure to stroll down Tkalciceva Street, lined with outdoor cafes.

What makes it fascinating is that the cuisine of Zagreb is varied, with restaurants offering the traditional local fare. However, in between, visitors can dine on Italian, Swiss, French and other delicious cuisines. Another treat is the bistros, with their delicious cakes and snacks, along with the famous Croatian desserts to sample.

Jarun Lake, Zagreb

Jarun Lake
Jarun Lake [Image Thomas Gómez/Flickr]
Southwest of the Zagreb city center, visit Jarun Lake, a perfect destination for sailing and swimming in the summer months. Meanwhile, the lake is lined with shady walking trails to get some exercise after all those Croatian desserts.

Zagreb and Croatia have so much to offer travelers in the way of art, history, nature, fun and food, you will find yourself returning soon.

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