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Las Setas Is The Most Beautiful Flight Of Steps In Seville, Spain

The Metropol Parasol or Las Setas - the most beautiful flight of steps in Spain
The Metropol Parasol or Las Setas – the most beautiful flight of steps in Spain [Image by Anual on Wikimedia Commons]
Across Spain, travelers can find many beautiful flights of steps including the Escalera Vía Crucis in Vizcaya, which has been a film set for many movies and TV series like Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, the iconic city of Seville in Andalucía is well known for its amazing architecture, its multicultural population and its many quaint winding streets and neighborhoods to explore.

It is due to these attractions that Seville has appeared in most rankings that rate the beauty of Spain. However, due to its uniqueness and beauty, Traveler magazine has recently ranked a flight of steps in the city as Spain’s most beautiful.

Beautiful flights of steps in Spain

Las Setas de Sevilla is one of the most beautiful flights of steps in Andalucia, Spain
Las Setas in Seville, Andalucia, Spain [Image by Sevilla Congress & Convention Bureau on Wikimedia Commons]
Across the country, travelers can find many flights of steps of many kinds, with some more majestic, such as the Escalera Dorado in Burgos, or simpler, like the Pujada de Sant Domenec in Girona that takes visitors back in time.

Which staircase in Seville was chosen as the most beautiful? Las Setas (the Mushrooms) opened in 2011 and it has since been a favorite location for visitors and locals. Seville is known for its mix of architectural styles, and Las Setas is certainly unique in blending the future and the past with the rest of the city.

Besides the steps, an escalator makes the structure wheelchair friendly
Besides the steps, an escalator makes the structure wheelchair-friendly [Image by Juan Rubiano on Flickr]
Traveler magazine has, in the past, applauded the most iconic steps in Seville, including those in the Plaza de España, decorated with beautiful and colorful ceramic tiles. However, this time around, it has chosen the unique Las Setas de Seville. Meanwhile, these steps aren’t just about getting from A to B.

What makes these steps amazing is that travelers and locals alike can enjoy 360º panoramic views over the city, at a height of almost 30 m (almost 100 ft) above sea level. The flight of steps is 150 m (492 ft) in length and 70 m (230 ft) wide and this wooden structure is truly unique in the world.

Largest wooden structure on the planet

Evening at Las Setas
Evening at Las Setas [Image by Anual on Wikimedia Commons]
For those seeking to see Seville differently, Las Setas is one of the best places to do so, especially at sunset, when the city takes on a special color. Also known as The Metropol Parasol for its shade in the hot summer heat, Las Setas is also the largest wooden structure in the world.

The structure was designed by German architect Jürgen Mayer. Moreover, it consists of six large mushroom-shaped parasols offering beautiful views over the city from the walkway. Moreover, the basement of the structure houses the Antiquarium Museum, featuring archaeological remains from the Roman era. The surrounding area includes a food market and an elevated plaza where various events are held.

Readers can find out more information about Las Setas in Seville on its official website here. Moreover, you can experience a striking and beautiful virtual tour of the iconic steps in this YouTube video (Spanish language):

On your next visit to Seville, head to Las Setas for the experience of exploring the wooden structure and the panoramic views from the top.

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