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Set-Jetting: Where Are The Bachelor Season 28 Filming Locations?

The Bachelor Mansion, Agoura Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
The Bachelor Mansion, Agoura Hills, Los Angeles. California, USA [Image Bachelor Nation on YouTube]
Season 28 of The Bachelor premiered on ABC on January 22 and fans are keen to find out who will win the heart of tennis instructor Joey Graziadei’s heart. They watch as the 32 contestants are gradually eliminated with the aim of only one remaining. However, the show isn’t just about love and romance as the beautiful filming locations are stars in their own right. Let’s explore the various gorgeous locations, perfect for the latest trend of “set-jetting” – traveling to visit the filming locations of favorite films and TV series.

Searching for filming locations of The Bachelor season 28

28-year-old tennis instructor Joey Graziadei of The Bachelor - filming locations
Joey Graziadei of The Bachelor [Image Bachelor Nation on YouTube]
It turns out fans have been searching to discover the various filming locations of The Bachelor season 28. According to the experts at Islands.com, analysis of Google Trends data revealed searches for “Where is The Bachelor Filmed?” have increased by 1,000 percent in the day since the latest episode. However, while it isn’t always possible to identify the filming locations by scenery alone, the following includes a guide to the season 28 show including American, Canadian, European, Mexican and Mediterranean destinations.

– The Bachelor Mansion – Agoura Hills, California

Agoura Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Agoura Hills – home of The Bachelor Mansion [Image by King of Hearts on Wikimedia Commons]
According to Us Weekly, one major filming location is at The Bachelor Mansion – a 10-acre, 200-year-old estate called Villa de la Vina. The mansion nestles in the Agoura Hills community, close to Malibu and in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the mansion has seven rooms, eight baths, a private pool and two Jacuzzis. It has served as the home base for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette since 2007. Meanwhile, if you would like to live like one of the cast members, Villa de la Vina is available on Airbnb for “only” $30,000 per night – the bachelor not included.

– Jasper, Canada

Scenic views in Jasper, Canada
The Bachelor visited Jasper in Canada [Image by Wolfgang Zenz from Pixabay]
Nestled in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper is surrounded by stunning natural beauty with many outdoor activities to enjoy. Here, visitors can go hiking and spot wildlife while exploring untouched wilderness areas. Meanwhile, they can visit beautiful lakes like Maligne Lake, or enjoy scenic drives and visit the Jasper SkyTram and Athabasca Falls. With Jasper’s welcoming locals and charming atmosphere, you don’t need to be the Bachelor to enjoy it.

– Mdina, Malta

Historic Mdina in Malta
Historic Mdina in Malta [Image by user32212 from Pixabay]
Next in line in the Bachelor filming locations is historic and beautiful Mdina in Malta. Dubbed the “Silent City”, Mdina is a medieval town perched on a hilltop, offering beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. Meanwhile, its cobblestone streets are a pleasure to explore, with its historic buildings, including churches, palaces and museums. Definite must-see locations include the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the historic Mdina Gate and the medieval Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum.

– Marbella, Spain

Old Town Marbella
Old Town [Image by Debbie Metcalfe from Pixabay]
Nestling on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, Marbella boasts idyllic beaches, luxurious amenities and plenty of historic charm. When not sunning on the beaches, a visit to the Old Town is a pleasure. With its narrow cobblestone streets lined by whitewashed homes, brightened up with flowers along the way, you just can’t beat it. Meanwhile, Marbella’s marina, Puerto Banus, is a place of luxurious yachts, upscale boutiques and high-class restaurants. Visitors might even spot a celebrity or two while there.

– Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The port of Montreal, Quebec, Canada – filming location for The Bachelor [Image by Maxwell Fury from Pixabay]
Heading back to Canada, the next filming location for The Bachelor is Montreal, the country’s second-largest city. Its modern skyscrapers contrast beautifully with the streets of Old Montreal, where centuries-old buildings, like the Notre Dame Basilica, welcome visitors. Meanwhile, the city’s diverse neighborhoods offer a vibrant arts scene in Plateau Mont-Royal and upmarket boutiques and cafés in Mile End. The city’s culinary scene includes local flavors like poutine, as well as international cuisine.

– Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mayan Riviera, Mexico
Mayan ruins above the beach in Tulum, Mexico [Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay]
Tulum is a fascinating destination in Mexico that offers a mix of ancient history with its Mayan ruins and laid-back beach vibes. The ruins are perched up high on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, giving a sense of history with beautiful views. For those seeking adventure, great diving and snorkeling excursions take visitors to explore the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second-largest of its kind in the world. Meanwhile, the town has a bohemian atmosphere, with eco-friendly hotels, restaurants serving local produce and peaceful yoga retreats.

It’s time to explore these beautiful filming locations for The Bachelor, seeing them from a different perspective.




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