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Travelers are seeking quiet escapes in a new travel tend

Latest ‘Transformative Travel’ Trend Sees People Seeking Quiet Escapes

Since the end of the pandemic, travel has come back in full force, with some destinations reporting record numbers of visitors. Among the latest trends is solo travel, where people enjoy vacationing alone in growing numbers. However, the latest trend right now isn’t about exciting city breaks and lively nightlife. It has been revealed that this new trend is all about...

Yoga and meditation at a health and wellness retreat

Get Away From Daily Stress At A Health and Wellness Retreat This Year

In this modern world, life and work can be stressful, with waking early, the commute to work and the daily grind. However, one way to relieve this stress and calm the nerves is a health and wellness retreat in some exotic locations in the world. Learn the practice of yoga and meditation in a beautiful place, while learning about the culture and delicious cuisine of...