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Parador de Tortosa, Catalunya

Luxurious Vacation: Stay In A Real Castle In Spain In 2024

The Paradores of Spain are iconic and luxurious hotels, often set in historic buildings such as palaces, medieval castles, monasteries and convents. Some are set in modern buildings, but all offer the same level of quality. Moreover, they are surrounded by beautiful countryside or historic cities. In each case, the paradores are convenient to popular landmarks and...

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) releases Best Tourism Villages in Spain including Cantavieja

World Tourism Organization Reveals Best Tourism Villages In Spain For 2023

It has come the time for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to release its list of the Best Tourism Villages in Spain for 2023. These villages have each demonstrated a remarkable ability to utilize tourism for the betterment of their local communities. Moreover, they have embraced sustainable tourism practices to showcase the villages’ valuable cultural and...