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Pampered Pooches Take To The Sky With Bark Air – An Airline For Dogs

Bark Air, a new luxurious airline specifically for dogs (and their humans) [Image @barkair on Instagram]
When Bark Air launched its first flight for dogs the luxurious canine airline was fully sold out. The new airline caters for dogs and their human to travel in luxury between New York and Los Angeles and New York and London, as well as flights to Paris, France.

Bark Air is a luxurious airline for dogs

When going on vacation, many people have to leave their beloved dogs at home while they travel. Alternatively, pooches could travel in a crate in the hold. However, a brand new airline could change all this with an airline designed specifically for dogs.

Dogs can fly in comfort on Bark Air
Bark Air, a luxurious new airline specifically for dogs [Image @barkair on Instagram]
With Bark Air, pampered pooches are offered calming treats, a beverage of their choice and noise-canceling headphones for their comfort. Meanwhile, the new canine airline promises that dogs will truly be VIPs and will even get their own passports.

According to its first press release, the new airline took its maiden flight on Thursday, May 23, traveling from New York’s Westchester County Airport (HPN) and landing at Van Nuys (VNY).

Bark was previously known for providing services and products for dogs, but launched its new canine airline in April. Now, the airline, Bark Air, boasts of having the “world’s first air travel experience” specifically for dogs, where canines come first. Meanwhile, on-site chefs in New York treat their humans to a pre-flight meal. While on board, dogs can mingle with their fellow furry passengers.

About the first canine flight

Dogs take to the air
[Image @barkair on Instagram]
Before boarding the plane, Bark Air’s concierges offer dogs “calming treats, noise-canceling ear muffs and calming jackets to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable flight.”  Their task is to help the pampered pooches settle into the experience with socialization and dog-centric cabin preparation.

Meanwhile, on board the plane, the dogs are “served their beverage of choice during ascent and descent to ensure they do not experience any ear discomfort from changes in cabin pressure.”

Bark Air ticket prices

Bark Air
[Image @barkair on Instagram]
However, the new service doesn’t come cheap. The inaugural flight on May 23 was sold out for canine customers with one human companion at a cost of $6,000. Meanwhile, Bark Air’s first international flight from New York to London takes off on May 30 and is also sold out and costs $8,000.

Meanwhile, the canine airline will launch its first flight to Paris in October at a cost of $8,500 and only a few seats remain open.

Dog awaiting his flight
Passenger awaiting his flight [Image @barkair on Instagram]
According to CBS News, Matt Meeker, Bark co-founder and CEO opened up about the cost, saying:

This is cost-prohibitive for most families, but less expensive than most options today. And this is also how most innovative products and services began.

Televisions, telephones, VCRs and DVD players, to automobiles, train and boat travel, and, yes, even human air travel — all of these started with very high prices until demand was proven and the costs could be brought lower by serving the masses.

Find out more about Bark Air and its offerings, or make a booking on the company’s website here. Meanwhile, watch some happy dogs enjoy the inaugural flight here:





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