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Austrian Airlines Launches New Flight Between Boston & Vienna

Austrian Airlines launches flights between Boston and Vienna
New flights launched between Boston and Vienna [Image Austrian Airlines on Facebook]
Starting in July, Austrian Airlines is launching flights between Boston, Massachusetts and the beautiful city of Vienna. This will be the first of its kind for many years and will take off for the summer 2024 travel season. Even better, the new route will be available all year round, with up to six flights each week. Not only will this benefit those in Boston by taking them to Vienna, the reverse is also true. Those Austrians living in or near Vienna will also have the chance to visit the exciting university city of Boston.

Austrian Airlines launches flights between Boston and Vienna

Austrian Airlines CCO, Michael Trestl announced in a statement:

We are excited to announce Boston as a new and highly attractive destination. This expansion enhances our long-haul offering and strengthens the Vienna hub. Boston’s world-renowned universities, including Harvard and MIT, business connections, and the city’s unparalleled charm make it a fascinating and enticing travel destination. Additionally, it will be even easier for visitors and tourists from New England to come to Vienna in the future.

Meanwhile, the Austrian Airlines flight will leave Boston at 5:10 pm, arriving in Vienna at 7:25 am, making a flight time between Boston and Vienna of almost 9 hours. Moreover, the return flight from Vienna is set to take off at 10:40 am to arrive in Boston by 1:50 pm.

More about the flight between Boston and Vienna

Flights launched between Boston and Vienna
[Image Austrian Airlines on Facebook]
Austrian Airlines’ new flight takes off on its Boeing 767-300 aircraft, seating up to 211 passengers. Meanwhile, passengers will travel in business class, premium economy, or economy seats. Austrian Airlines says tickets for the new route are already available on the airline’s website.

Austrian Airlines first announced a route between Boston and Vienna in 2019, however, the service was scuppered by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this coming July, Boston is set to become the first US destination for the airline in several years. Meanwhile, Boston joins other existing routes, to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York JFK, Washington, DC and Newark.

About Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines
[Image Austrian Airlines on Facebook]
Austrian Airlines is owned by the Lufthansa Group and is a smaller carrier, centered on its main hub at Vienna International Airport. Meanwhile, Lufthansa has also announced a major US expansion this coming summer, including new routes to its main Frankfurt hub, including Minneapolis and Raleigh-Durham.

Why visit Vienna?

Vienna, Austria
Streets of Vienna, Austria [Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay]
Austria’s capital, Vienna nestles on the east of the country on the Danube River. The beautiful city is known for its artistic and intellectual legacy, shaped by such famous residents as Beethoven, Mozart and Sigmund Freud.

Meanwhile, the city is famous for several beautiful, Imperial palaces, including the Habsburg’s summer residence, Schönbrunn. There are also some churches dating back to 600 years of Hapsburg rule. Art lovers appreciate the city’s museums quarter, featuring a mix of historic and modern buildings housing works by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and other well-known artists.



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