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Travelers Warned About Smart Bags On EasyJet, Ryanair & British Airways

Find out restrictions on smart bags or smart baggage on planes in Europe
Learn restrictions about Smart Bags or Smart Baggage on British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair [Image Matthew Hurst/Flickr]
If you are heading to Europe on vacation and planning to fly on British Airways, easyJet, or Ryanair within the EU, please take note. Passengers are being warned of a potentially banned item that cannot be taken on the planes. All three airlines have recently introduced new rules and luggage restrictions relating to the technology that could disrupt your travel plans.

Beware of using Smart Bags in Europe

British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair are three major airlines operating within Europe and have introduced a new baggage restriction. This applies to a certain type of Smart Bags, suitcases equipped with built-in electronics. According to the Metro, these are used for functionalities such as device charges, Bluetooth connectivity, and Wi-Fi hotspot creation.

When flying British Airways

British Airways
Rules on Smart Baggage on British Airways [Image by Wael from Pixabay]
Bear in mind that British Airways has strict rules relating to Smart Bags. If the lithium power pack or battery cannot be removed from the bag, it is banned from the hold or the plane’s cabin.

When using a Smart Bag as cabin baggage, if the power source is easily removable, it can remain in the bag during the flight. However, should the Smart Bag be placed in the airplane’s hold, the power source must be removed and carried separately into the cabin.

British Airways concluded its statement, writing, “If you are bringing Smart Baggage with you, please ensure that you are aware of our security requirements.”

“If your flight is operated by one of our partner airlines, please contact that airline to ensure you are aware of their Smart Baggage restrictions.”

Smart Bag policy on Ryanair

When it comes to Ryanair, the airline requires passengers to remove the battery pack from the Smart Bag. Once removed, it must be kept out during the flight, whether the baggage is in the hold or the cabin.

easyJet baggage restrictions

easyJet and Smart Baggage [Image by Norbert from Pixabay]
When it comes to easyJet, only Smart Bags that allow the disconnection and removal of the Lithium battery are allowed. If the battery cannot be removed, the Smart Bag will not be allowed on the plane.

For hold baggage, the battery must be removed and the passenger can carry it into the cabin separately. In the case of carry-on baggage, the battery pack should be removed. However, as long as it is disconnected, the battery can be stored in the bag.

Why are the new Smart Bag regulations important?

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) [Image Pranav Bhatt/Flickr]
According to the NYC.gov website, “Lithium-ion batteries can enter an uncontrollable, self-heating state. This can result in the release of gas, cause fire, and possible explosion. Storage and charging more than 5 or more batteries must have a dedicated space.”

This makes it clear how necessary the new regulations are, to ensure safety on flights. Travelers must be aware of these rules to avoid disruption to their travel plans. For anyone traveling with British Airways, easyJet or Ryanair, ensure compliance with the guidelines for the carrier relating to Smart Bags.


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