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Virgin Atlantic to add more flights between London, UK and two major US cities

Virgin Atlantic To Add More Flights From London To Two Major US Hubs

Get ready for the summer of 2024, when Virgin Atlantic is adding flights to London from two major US hubs. The airline will add from flights from New York City and Boston to London, England next summer. Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic is also adding flights to other UK cities from the US. Virgin Atlantic to add more flights between London and US hubs in summer 2024 The UK...

Virgin Atlantic and green travel

Virgin Atlantic Makes Aviation History With Sustainable Flight

Virgin Atlantic has just made aviation history with a flight, using only sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). In recent years the world has truly woken up to climate change and all the devastation that comes with it. Many countries are finding ways to make a change for a more sustainable world. Meanwhile, travel has been exploring ways to lessen the carbon footprint by...