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A new train service could run between Madrid's Atocha Station and Casablanca in Morocco

New Train Service Between Madrid And Casablanca Could Happen

A plan was first discussed in 1979 to connect Madrid, Spain to Casablanca in Morocco but didn’t come to fruition. However, now, Spain’s transport minister is keen to revive the plan to connect the two cities for the first time. While the plan to build a tunnel linking Spain and Morocco didn’t happen 45 years ago, discussions are now ongoing. If the plan does go...

Rocky Mountaineer - one of the Best Train Journeys in the World

Green Travel: Try Out These Best Train Journeys In The World

These days there is much talk about reducing our carbon footprint whilst traveling the world and one of the best methods is to travel by train. While it might sometimes take a little longer than flying, it can be far more enjoyable. In fact, traveling by rail can become a vacation in itself. For those who love relaxing on a train and watching this beautiful world go...