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Cotswolds landscapes

Visit An Area Of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’ In The Cotswolds Of England

Located in central England, the Cotswolds was designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty back in 1966. Among England’s many pretty landscapes, this area is a remarkable place to visit on a UK vacation. Meanwhile, the Cotswolds include a series of rolling hills dubbed the Cotswolds Hills, which run from the meadows of the upper River Thames area through an...

Liechtenstein in Western Europe is one of the safest destinations in the world

Travel To Liechtenstein – One Of The Safest Destinations In The World

One of the safest destinations in the world is the tiny country of Liechtenstein. Nestled between Switzerland and Austria, this lesser-known European nation is a worthy place to visit. Read on to find out more about the country and what it has to offer travelers. Along the way, find out how you can check which countries are the safest or the most dangerous places to...