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Take a train ride on the Oslo-Bergen Railway in Norway

Travel On The Oslo-Bergen Railway – Highest Railway in Northern Europe

Train travel continues to be popular with travelers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. However, when it comes to certain routes, it isn’t just about getting from A to B, as the journey becomes a vacation in itself. One exceptional example is the Oslo-Bergen Railway, the highest railway in Northern Europe, which stops at 21 idyllic small Norwegian towns along...

Go hiking in the mountains around Seoul in South Korea

Take A Hike In Seoul, South Korea: Hiking Trails For All Skill Levels

The bustling city of Seoul is a great place to explore, with its modern buildings, shops, temples and more. Meanwhile, the city nestles among mountains, featuring hiking trails for every skill level. From the mountains, an amazing panoramic view of the city unfolds below you. Here, we explore five such hiking trails to try out on your next visit to Seoul in South...

Sonoma County, California for a romantic break

Best Things To Do On A Romantic Weekend In Sonoma County, California

With its unique geography, Sonoma County is the ideal place for a romantic getaway in Northern California. Here, the Pacific Ocean shoreline offers expansive, idyllic beaches, while redwood forests stand tall. Meanwhile, with its rolling mountains and valleys, the landscape never stops enchanting visitors, along with the Russian River, orchards and vineyards. This...

Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a family vacation

Take The Kids On A Family Vacation In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

For nature lovers, Gatlinburg has three entrances to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, found in the heart of downtown. For this reason, the Tennessee town is a major hit with families who love being out in nature. Miles of hiking, biking and horseback riding trails surround the town, along with historical exhibits and cabins as well as the opportunity to spot...

Red-rock buttes in Sedona, Arizona on a family vacation

Fun Things For The Kids To Do On Family Vacation In Sedona, Arizona

Located close to Flagstaff, Arizona, Sedona is a desert town, known for its steep canyon walls, red-rock buttes and pine forests. Meanwhile, it is also known for its mild climate, making it a great place for a family vacation. As for parents, the town has a vibrant arts community, and is full of art galleries, New Age shops and spas. For energetic families, Sedona...

Land-based adventures in Costa Rica

5 Best Land-Based Adventures To Experience In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Meanwhile, the country has endless rainforests and protected jungles to explore its biodiversity, teeming with beautiful wildlife. We recently looked at marine activities to be had in the country and now look at land-based adventures.  Moreover, Costa Rica is one of the...