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Tag - Acadia National Park

Bali, Indonesia is one of the top locations for solo travelers

Top 5 Locations For Solo Travelers This Summer According To Google

When looking for travel tips, Google can be a reliable source and when choosing solo travel, Google Flights reveals the top locations. As the popular trend of traveling solo continues, find out the best places to go according to the search engine’s data. Top 5 locations for solo travelers this summer 1. Solo travel to Bali, Indonesia While travelers have been...

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, USA

According To The NPS These Were The Most Popular National Parks In 2023

During and following the pandemic, the US National Parks became popular places to be for people across the USA. Getting out into the fresh air in beautiful nature made so much sense to people. Fast forward to 2023, and the national parks are still hugely popular with travelers. The National Parks Service has revealed which parks were the top 10 most and least popular...

Crater Lake National Park the most beautiful according to travelers

Travelers Rank the USA’s Most Beautiful National Parks

As most people know, the National Parks of America are stunningly beautiful and diverse. If someone says there is something for everyone in the parks, this is no exaggeration. From stunning mountains to desert scenes and lush forests, each park has its own attractions. While many travelers head to international lands for scenic beauty, there is more than enough here...