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United Airlines adds more corporate partners to the Sustainable Flight Fund

United Airlines Adds To $200 Million-Plus Sustainable Flight Fund

In these days of climate change, with record heat waves and cold, flooding and more, United Airlines is caring for the environment. The airline has announced new partners in the United Airlines Ventures Sustainable Flight Fund. Joining the fight are Air New Zealand, Aircastle, Google, Embraer, Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, HIS, Technip Energies and...

Virgin Atlantic and green travel

Virgin Atlantic Makes Aviation History With Sustainable Flight

Virgin Atlantic has just made aviation history with a flight, using only sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). In recent years the world has truly woken up to climate change and all the devastation that comes with it. Many countries are finding ways to make a change for a more sustainable world. Meanwhile, travel has been exploring ways to lessen the carbon footprint by...