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Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy (St. Barts)

Visit Or Skip It? Caribbean Town Named World’s Most Expensive Travel Destination

A pretty town set on an idyllic Caribbean island has been dubbed the world’s most expensive travel destination. With its crystal-clear blue waters, pretty red roofs, and harbor hosting expensive yachts, this destination is not for those traveling on a budget. Read on to find out more about Gustavia, located on the island of Saint Barthélemy, otherwise known as St...

Emerald Azzurra

Emerald Cruises Offers Private Yacht Feel On Emerald Azzurra

If you want to cruise but are not keen on a massive, multi-deck ship, Emerald Cruises has the perfect answer. The cruise line’s Emerald Azzurra offers the feeling of sailing on a private yacht with a maximum of 100 guests. This means the ship is small enough to enter lesser-visited ports that the giant ships cannot access. It also means more destinations to visit...