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Go off the beaten path in Hawaii

Take A Turn Off The Beaten Path In Fascinating Hawaii

There is nothing like Hawaii for exotic beaches, gorgeous scenery and the whole “Aloha” experience. Whether visiting the Big Island, Oahu, Kauai or Maui, this state offers everything for a perfect vacation. However, while most of Hawaii’s major attractions are well known, these exotic islands offer less usual and sometimes weird locations to visit off the beaten...

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii Vacations Could Get More Affordable In 2024

Many Americans dream of a vacation in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, but the high cost is putting their plans on hold. Since the pandemic, prices have rocketed sky-high for everything from airfares to lodging and the average person just can’t afford the trip. Reportedly, this is due to a case of economics, as well as supply and demand. However, reportedly, there...