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Caucasus Mountains - Georgia

Visit Caucasus: Three Countries At The Cultural Crossroads Of Europe And Asia

Anyone looking for an unusual or unique vacation in 2024 should consider visiting the Caucasus. This area of the world hosts three countries, each with different languages and cultures. Meanwhile, they border each other at the cultural crossroads of Europe and Asia, making for a unique experience. While each has a different history and culture, they also offer...

National Geographic put the Albanian Alps on its The Cool List for 2024

Exciting Travel: The Cool List For 2024 According To National Geographic

National Geographic has released The Cool List 2024, including 30 destinations that it considers the most exciting places to visit. When it comes to Europe, 13 locations were listed, including traveling the whole continent by train. Meanwhile, North America was featured, with three cool destinations to choose from. Meanwhile, the trend continues with travelers...