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The village of Enix in Almeria has 11 bars for 690 inhabitants

Visit Enix: Almeria Village Boasts 11 Bars For 690 Residents

  Imagine a village of just 690 residents boasting a Guinness World Record of 11 bars. According to research, Enix in Almeria has more bars per 1,000 inhabitants than any other town or village in Spain. Our first thought was how do all those businesses still run successfully with so few people in the village? Meanwhile, some of the eateries have been open for...

Beach destinations in Spain

5 Top Spanish Beach Destinations For The Summer Of 2023

Featuring around 3,000 miles of coastline, Spain has an endless array of beaches to choose from. In the south, the Mediterranean Sea laps the beaches, while in the north, the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean laps the shores. With the variety of its shorelines, Spain literally has something for everyone, along with many Blue Flag beaches just waiting for summer to...